The Columbia Chronicle

Occupy Columbia

By Estefania Martinez

December 12, 2011

At approximately 12:20 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon, more than 20 members of the Occupy Columbia coalition camped outside President Warrick L. Carter's office on the fifth floor of the Alexandroff Campus Center, 600 S. Michigan Ave., asking for a town hall meeting so the group may have a chance to "air grievances" against the college. The grievances are hallmarked by Columbia's rising tuition costs.After more than an hour...

Blackhawks lead dissolving division

By Gregory Cappis

December 12, 2011

Captain Jonathan Toews is keeping his team atop the Central Division in its last year of existence.The NHL agreed to realign the league into four conferences of seven or eight teams, starting next fall. This will cut down on travel and develop more heated rivalries between division foes. The announcement was made on Dec. 5 during the Blackhawks meeting with the Coyotes.As highlighted by the game against the Coyotes, the Blac...

The Dwight delights most residents

By Shardae Smith

October 11, 2010

As previously reported by The Chronicle on April 18, students have officially moved into The Dwight, 642 S. Clark St., after Columbia signed a five-year lease with the building  in spring 2010.The new housing option replaced housing in buildings 2 E. 8th St. and at the 18 E. Congress Pkwy. Building.Students who moved into The Dwight are generally pleased with the building and are taking advantage of the building’s ameniti...

Crime stats vs. campus reality

By Katy Nielsen

October 11, 2010

Despite a decrease in the number of crimes reported to Campus Safety and Security and local police from 2008 to 2009, two recent on-campus incidents remind Columbia students about the realities of living in a large city.  The 2010 Annual Crime Statistics and Fire Safety Report published at the end of September shows an overall decrease in reported crimes on campus.Campus Safety and Security has increased its presence in the...

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