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Quidditch tournament ends with two losses, one win for Columbia

By Katy Duffy

March 8, 2018

Seven Columbia students sat crouched on one knee in front of a set of three hoops in Grant Park. When the whistle was blown, they began to run toward the center of the field while tucking a thin pole between their legs as the Quidditch game kicked off.Columbia's Renegades Quidditch team played a three-game tournament March 2 with losses against Loyola University Lumos Quidditch and Chicago United Quidditch Club, and a win a...

Student organization brings medieval combat to Columbia

By Katy Duffy

March 7, 2018

Medieval combat could become your new favorite sport, according to Columbia's Galahad Medieval Combat Society. The organization's members participate in the sport of Belegarth, a live-action battle game, and use foam weapons and dress in period clothing to simulate medieval combat. Junior interactive arts and media major Nicolas Markese, who has been fighting with Galahad for three years and is one of the society’s captain...

Few students show interest in Winter Olympics

By Katy Duffy

February 26, 2018

The greatest challenge as a fan of the 2018 Winter Olympics at Columbia is finding someone who shares your interest, said Tori Levin, a sophomore American Sign Language-English interpretation major, who described discovering other Olympics fans as “few and far between.” Because sports fans on campus are rare, there are very few sports opportunities at Columbia. The Student Athletic Association lists seven active sports leagues on its website, bu...

From left, Luke Dyra, Mia Elliott, Taylor Smith, Ksenia Ivanova and Savannah Oakes were given seven months to complete the film, with shooting expected to start this coming August. 

Film showcases being queer 100 years ago

February 24, 2018

“Jack and Anna,” a graduate thesis film, showcases a queer relationship during the early 19th century and presents all of the issues of that period, including the fight of being with the person you love. Ksenia Ivanova, a second year graduate student in the Cinema and Televis...

It’s time to teach LGBTQ history

It’s time to teach LGBTQ history

September 25, 2017

California’s Fair, Accurate, Inclusive and Respectful Education Act was passed during the 2011–2012 school year and requires the state’s public schools to teach LGBTQ-inclusive history. However,...

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