The Columbia Chronicle

Fresh Moves

By Estefania Martinez

September 12, 2011

Fresh Moves is an organization that sells fresh produce to residents of the Austin and Lawndale neighborhoods that do not have the ability to reach fresh produce. These neighborhoods, known as food deserts, do not have big chain grocery stores or stores with fresh produce. Fresh Moves developed by community leaders are trying to get these residents to eat better in the hope that they can live better and develop better eating h...

Comic revels in weirdness

By David Orlikoff

April 12, 2010

The Internet is often synonymous with global anonymity. But one webcomic author lives right in our backyard. “Pictures for Sad Children” is self-described as “a bad feeling you get when you are feeling good, or a good feeling you get when you are feeling bad.” The art is minimalist—the highest quality of stick figures—similar to animations by Don Hertzfeldt. The real point is the writing, not that it’s wordy. Au...

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