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‘Challenging task at best’: Global Education carries on after reorganization

‘Challenging task at best’: Global Education carries on after reorganization

October 14, 2019

  Updated 10/14/19 at 3:10 p.m. with additional comments and clarification from Mark Chakoian, former assistant director of Global Education.    Five months after almost half of the staff members ...

Second provost candidate to visit campus this week

Second provost candidate to visit campus this week

February 11, 2019

Marcella David has been announced as the second candidate for senior vice president and provost, and will visit campus including a public forum Feb. 14 from 3–4:30 p.m., according to a Feb. 11 e...

One-Stop Director Barbara Ebert-Balzano, Registrar Keri Walters and Assistant Vice President of Student Financial Services Cynthia Grunden have worked together to create a new program Columbia will introduce in the Fall 2019 Semester that combines several areas of the college to help improve students’ educational experience at the college. 

New program to improve college services, student experience

January 28, 2019

Student entering the Fall 2019 semester can expect improved services in multiple areas of the college as the result of an incoming restructuring designed to benefit students and staff.According to Cynthia ...

French police officers watched over yellow vest demonstrations in Paris, France.

‘We’re here when they’re making history’: Paris J-Term students encounter Yellow Vest riots

January 22, 2019

Getting locked in the Luxembourg Gardens with Yellow Vest protesters was not on the agenda for sophomore fashion studies major Elon Byers during her J-Term study abroad trip in Paris, France.“I knew t...

Graphic artist compares average male body shape across countries


By Assistant Sports & Health Editor

December 1, 2014

The average body mass index of the American male aged 30–39 is 28.6, nearly one point away from the medical qualification of being obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Na...

Study abroad courses hosted by the Creative Writing and Business & Entrepreneurship departments in Paris, Rome & Prague

Study abroad program ventures to Paris, Prague, Rome

October 6, 2014

Columbia writing students will soon have the chance to earn credit for visiting Rome’s Colosseum or touring Hemingway’s Paris or the favorite Prague haunts of Milan Kundera in courses offered during J-Term and summer 2015. These and other opportunities such as Columbia’s marke...

Transitioning Transfers

By Campus News Editor

September 23, 2013

AN ADMINISTRATION CLAIM that this year’s freshman class is the largest in years may merely reflect the school’s new method of defining who is a freshman and who is a transfer student.What amounts to a semantic change in calculation may also account for the dramatic 25 percent decrease in transfer enrollment, a figure released by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.Keri Walters, assistant dean for faculty advising f...

Fictional heroes have real life application

By Contributing Writer

October 8, 2012

by Joshua D. LindseyContributing WriterWhile it is highly unlikely that a normal human will someday obtain the powers of flight, super speed or heat vision, recent research indicates something real may be passed from fictional super heroes to everyday people.A recent study, published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology and conducted at the University at Buffalo, suggests that men who personally identify with s...

Venue makes ‘Elbo Room’ for college musicians

By Alex Stedman

October 8, 2012

It’s not hard to walk through a city college campus and find young musicians vying for money and exposure. The music industry can be tough to break into, but starting Oct. 11, Elbo Room, 2871 N. Lincoln Ave., will dedicate one night each week to emerging college talent.The Lakeview bar will host a College Night every Thursday, during which students will be able to perform music for an audience. Patrons who show a college ...

J-Term courses seek evaluation

By Lisa Schulz

January 17, 2012

For some, the holiday break means migrating home for hibernation. For others, it means nestling inside Columbia’s buildings to analyze zombie movies and experience other peculiar annual courses for spring semester credit.J-Term courses, held from Jan. 3–14—one week shorter this year than previously—are “disarrayed” and in need of re-evaluation, according to Pan Papacosta, professor in the Science and Mathematics Department. Papacosta, ch...

Spring Break Lives

By Darryl Holliday

September 12, 2011

The verdict is in.Spring break is saved, but students planning on taking J-Term courses in January will need to be open to changes due to the G-8 and NATO summits being held in the Loop in May 2012.The J-Term slot has been condensed from its usual three weeks down to two weeks. J-Term classes will now be held Jan. 3–14, with the number of hours spent in class varying depending on the number of credit hours offered.Spring ...

Advanced planning is necessary for NATO, G-8 summits

By Editorial Board

September 12, 2011

The G-8 and NATO summits are scheduled to take place in Chicago at the same time as Columbia’s Commencement ceremony. While the city should be honored to play host to such important global events, they are causing what could have been completely avoidable problems for the school’s student body had the necessary stepsbeen taken.These summits are planned years in advance, and the announcement that Chicago would host both simultaneously ...

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