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Hoda Katebi, a famous Iranian fashion blogger, talks to Columbia students about Eastern fashion influences and rejecting cultural limits in style, held at 618 S. Michigan Ave. on Sept. 12.

Hoda Katebi talks Iranian fashion, politics and imperialism with Columbia students

September 19, 2019

A Chicago-based author, activist and fashion blogger, whose profile was raised by a notorious WGN-TV interview, delivered a blunt message to Columbia students on Iranian fashion, racism and voiceles...

Syrians need help, but not like that

Life is about second chances

By Tyra Bosnic

April 23, 2018

Are missiles now included in humanitarian aid kits?In response to another alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria, the U.S. led  airstrikes April 14 with the support of the U.K. and France. The missil...

State department to probe visa seekers’ social media

State department to probe  visa seekers’ social media

By Blaise Mesa

April 9, 2018

International visitors who are seeking to reside in the U.S. but not immediately immigrate may soon have to turn over huge amounts of personal information, including social media handles, old phone numbe...

Hijab is not a symbol of misogyny

Hijab is not a symbol of misogyny

By Arabella Breck

February 27, 2017

On a recent trip to Iran to negotiate economic deals, 11 Swedish female politicians, including Trade Minister Ann Linde, wore hijabs.The Washington Post, U.N. Watch and the International Business Times w...

Emanuel’s sincere anti-violence plan needs more outreach

October 3, 2016

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is under fire for announcing a plan to hire almost 1,000 new police officers within the next two years as a way to curb the growing violence problem that threatens the entire city. In addition to the new officers, Emanuel’s plan, announced in a Sept. 22 speech, also includes de-escalation training for current and newly-hired officers to decrease police brutality and increase productivity, partnerships ...

The 2015–2016 season begins with “Grace of Intention: Photography, Architecture and the Monument” in October.

MoCP captures 40 years of photography

September 8, 2015

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, the Museum of Contemporary Photography, located on the first floor of the 600 S. Michigan Ave. Building, will showcase a series of exhibitions during its 2015–2016 s...

The Madison Street Theater, located at 1010 Madison St. in Oak Park, will host the production of

‘The Bacchae’ still intoxicates audiences

September 8, 2015

The Saltbox Theater Collective of Oak Park brought a revitalized showing of “The Bacchae” to the Madison Street Theater, 1010 Madison St., on Sept. 3. After its Sept. 3 opening, it is scheduled to ...

Noted Chicago photographer reflects on achievements

Noted Chicago photographer reflects on achievements

February 3, 2014

Art Shay picked up his father’s Kodak camera at the age of 14. Now, 77 years later at age 91, he has published 30,000 pictures and photographed 1,100 covers for prominent magazines such as Time and Sports Illustrated. He h...

Governments escalate cyber warfare capabilities

By Tyler Davis

September 10, 2012

Stuxnet, a malicious computer program now believed to be a collaboration between the U.S. and Israeli governments, accidentally leaked into systems outside its original target, an Iranian nuclear facility, in March 2010. Along with another malware program believed to be part of the same joint government operation, Stuxnet disabled approximately 1,000 Iranian nuclear centrifuges. An analysis released by the security firm Kaspersky La...

Student protesters wrongly attacked at University of New Mexico

By Heather Scroering

March 5, 2012

A peaceful protest that turned violent went viral Feb. 23 after student demonstrators were wrongfully attacked by audience members at a pro-Israeli lecture at the University of New Mexico. The video, posted on YouTube after the uproar, shows students using a popular Occupy Wall Street tactic called the “human microphone” approximately 30 minutes into lecturer Nonie Darwish’s speech. They shouted, “Mic check! Nonie Darw...

Full year of fashion

By Brianna Wellen

December 6, 2010

Upon entering K&S Boutique, 3009 N. Broadway, an immediate sparkle beams from the lower level filled with jewelry cases. Colorful clothing, scarves and handbags line the stairs to the second floor, leading customers up to the European merchandise.The store’s appearance, location and products have changed throughout the last year. As the owners celebrate the boutique’s one-year anniversary, their mission stays the sam...

The surpression of peace

By KatherineGamby

November 30, 2009

The room was small and dark with the exception of a small light bulb dangling over the head of an older petite Persian woman. “Your husband has recanted his faith, do you recant yours?” asked the Persian officer. Her dark eyes reflected strength and courage as the officer loomed over her, urging her to renounce the thing that meant more to her than her very life. “If he would like to recant his faith then that is his ...

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