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McDonald’s Youth Opportunity  Initiative to launch in Chicago

McDonald’s Youth Opportunity Initiative to launch in Chicago

September 4, 2018

McDonald’s announced its Youth Opportunity Initiative to help combat unemployment, and Chicago has been selected as the first location.According to an Aug. 22 press release, the initiative aims to r...

New students dance their way through Convocation

By Tessa Brubaker, News Editor

September 4, 2018

New Student Convocation welcomed freshman to Columbia with a party in Grant Park, during which thousands of bubbles floated in the air, balloons flew high, student organizations stood behind tables filled with activities and souvenirs and everyone danced to music. Students had the opportunity to meet new people, eat free food,  learn about the college, listen to live performances and signup for student organizations bef...

Comic book fans were treated to Emily Decker's lecture about the history of female representation in American comic books March 5 at The Field Museum. 

Second-wave feminist movement presented in comics

March 12, 2018

The comic book industry has made some significant progress with better female representation of characters and creators, but there is still room for improvement, said Emily Decker, executive assistant to the vi...

Grant money could help Chicago go greener

Grant money could help Chicago go greener

By Blaise Mesa

March 11, 2018

With Chicago on the cutting edge of eco-friendly policies, a new grant could help spur even more green initiatives.The U.S. Green Buildings Council has partnered with the Bank of America Charitable Fo...

New CPS curriculum aims to prevent repetition of dark history

By Editorial Board

September 11, 2017

This school year, Chicago Public Schools students will learn the basics: English, math and the shameful history of torture in the Chicago Police Department. As part of a reparations package, which City Council passed on May 6, 2015, CPS will now teach eighth-graders and high school sophomores about Jon Burge, a former CPD detective accused of using torture primarily on black men in his custody between the 1970s and 1990s to for...

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