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Pervy Franco faux pas passes too quietly

By Associate Editor

April 28, 2014

Instead of making headlines for a movie or TV show, actor James Franco gained national attention for an Instagram scandal after he propositioned a 17-year-old girl to grab a hotel room with him. When the girl exposed Franco’s pervy side, he did little to address her complaint but said that he learned his lesson during an April 4 “Kelly and Michael” appearance. He also appeared in an April 12 “Saturday Night Live...

Media makers must consider racial representation

By Assistant Arts & Culture Editor

April 14, 2014

Works of art can seem diverse on the surface but have deeper flaws within, and media makers should carefully consider the effects their work will have on viewers.Artistic liberties, creative freedoms and free speech all play a role in creating influential art, but so does awareness of culture, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation. For example, the long-running TV drama “Grey’s Anatomy” has received both praise and criti...

Chris Visconti

Athlete Profile: Chris Visconti

February 24, 2014

Chris Visconti grew up in Chicago, where he started playing tennis 38 years ago. He continued his career through college, playing Division I tennis at Southern Illinois University and going on to play p...

Grocery chains acquire vacant Dominick’s stores

By Sarah Madera

February 24, 2014

After major grocer Dominick’s left Chicago and its suburbs in January, neighborhoods have welcomed announcements that grocers such as Whole Foods and Mariano’s Fresh markets will take over many of vacated stores once occupied.Dominick’s parent company, Safeway Inc., announced Oct. 10 that it would exit the Chicagoland market, leaving 72 empty stores, 15 located in the city of Chicago, for grocery chains such as Cermak Fr...

Wicker Park: top-ranking hipster ‘hood

By Emily Ornberg

October 1, 2012

Chicago’s usual sea of beards, plaid, Buddy Holly glasses and skinny jeans are paired with apathetic faces this week as the eclectic neighborhood of Wicker Park, home to many Columbia students, was recently crowned fourth in Forbes Magazine’s and’s inaugural list of “America’s Hippest Hipster Neighborhoods.”Morgan Brennan, real estate editor and reporter for Forbes, said the list was compiled after qualitativ...

Wicker Park ranked No. 4 hipster neighborhood in U.S.

By Dannis Valera

October 1, 2012

Chicago’s usual sea of beards, plaid, Buddy Holly glasses and skinny jeans are paired with solemn faces this week—the eclectic neighborhood of Wicker Park, home to many Columbia students, was recently crowned fourth in Forbes’ and’s inaugural list of “America’s Hippest Hipster Neighborhoods.”Read the full story by our Assistant Arts & Culture Editor, Emily Ornberg, here on our website!http:/...

Wrongful conviction settlement could have gone to better use

By Gabrielle Rosas

March 19, 2012

Chicago is world-renowned for many different things, ranging from being the deep-dish pizza capital of the nation to being the sixth most miserable city in America, no thanks to Forbes magazine. Unfortunately, there are two more dirty little words associated with Chicago and its police detectives: coercive interrogation.Last semester, The Chronicle followed the wrongful conviction case of Terrill Swift, a man who was convicted at...

More money makes people act unethically

By Gabrielle Rosas

March 5, 2012

The divide between social classes in America is once again deepening in a way that has the 99 percent pitted against the top 1 percent of the financial pyramid. The Occupy Wall Street movement brought people from all walks of life together so they could face what they considered true evil: the rich. The rich, with their fancy cars, caviar and wads of cash, have become a symbol of what it truly means to be detestable.A new stud...

Chicago does not deserve title of 6th most miserable city

By Editorial Board

February 13, 2012

Midwesterners often ask me why I decided to move from the paradise of sunny Southern California to Illinois’ frozen tundra. Why leave a state with virtually everything—beaches, mountains, deserts, good Mexican food—for Chicago, one of the coldest, most crime-ridden cities in America? To be frank, it’s an irritating question, and the less people bring it up to me, the better.But much to my chagrin, Forbes magazine rec...

Athletes need guidance for Twitter use

By Gregory Cappis

November 7, 2011

I would like to pass along some valuable knowledge that I learned from one of my high school teachers: Do not post anything on the Internet that you do not want to see on the front of the newspaper. I was lucky enough to receive this advice when Facebook still required a college email address to join, and people thought tweeting was a sound birds make.Sadly, not everyone has been blessed with such great advice at a young a...

Columbia ranks 600

By Shardae Smith

September 13, 2010

For the first time, Columbia was named one of Forbes magazine’s top accredited, post-secondary institutions in the country.The college placed 600 out of 618 colleges and universities on the magazine’s 2010 edition of America’s Best Colleges.“What’s important, as the article itself said, is not where one places in the first 10 or the last 10, it’s that you’re on the list at all,” said Columbia President War...

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