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Former assistant professor Kelly Page filed lawsuits against the college and Philippe Ravanas, chair of the Business & Entrepreneurship Department, on Feb. 13, alleging employment discrimination.

College, chair accused of employment discrimination

May 11, 2015

Philippe Ravanas, chair of the Business & Entrepreneurship Department, and the college are defending discrimination charges brought by a professor whose employment at the college was terminated after the S...

Television Department chair steps down

By Arabella Breck

April 27, 2015

After serving as the Television Department chair for 15 years, Michael Niederman will step down from his role at the end of the semester.“Contrary to the rumors, I am neither dying nor retiring [from Columbia],” Niederman said. Niederman will return as a full-time faculty member in the Fall 2016 Semester.Before becoming the chair of the department, Niederman worked at the college for 15 years as a faculty member. He said he ...

Mike Alexandroff, a Columbia radical

By Contributing Writer

April 9, 2012

by Norman AlexandroffDirector of Student CommunicationsRadicals create change. They see the world not as it is, but as it should be. By the sheer force of vision, will and personality, a radical can lead a revolution.My father, Mike Alexandroff, was a radical who started a revolution in higher education and helped build a world in which the fields of art and communication are open to everyone willing to work hard to make their d...

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