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Birders use binoculars to observe birds in the middle of the Douglas Park golf course.

Bird-watching and biking event brings awareness to environmental justice issues in North Lawndale and Little Village

October 22, 2020

For neighbors in North Lawndale and Little Village, bird-watching, biking and other outdoor activities may be the key in bringing awareness to issues of environmental justice. "Bikes, Birds and Envir...

Divvy expands rides with 36 new stations

Divvy expands rides with 36 new stations

By Madison Keller

September 10, 2018

Divvy expands rides with 36 new stations access throughout the city by installing 36 new bike stations in River North, Englewood, Ukrainian Village and the Near West Side neighborhoods.The first statio...

EDITORIAL: Columbia can help break cycle of period poverty

EDITORIAL: Columbia can help break cycle of period poverty

September 10, 2018

Beginning in August, Scotland became the first country to provide free menstrual products at all schools, colleges and universities after the success of a 2017 pilot program, according to an Aug. 29 New Yor...

Many students and faculty commute to campus using a DIVVY bike from various pick-up locations such as the one at Wabash Avenue and 8th Street.

Faculty gears up for Bike2Campus

April 13, 2015

College students and professors from across Chicago will unchain their bikes and ride into the rising spring temperatures to celebrate the city’s second annual Bike2Campus week, a five-day alternative tr...

Governor-elect Bruce Rauner spoke on the night of Nov. 4 after a decisive victory over incumbent Gov. Pat Quinn.

Tactical reevaluation: Black, Hispanic communities lean more Republican in midterms

December 1, 2014

Gil Walker has worn a lot of hats throughout the years: Chicago Housing Authority liaison, U.S. Census Bureau representative, Chatham YMCA director, community basketball coach and personal coach to Michael ...

Divvy creates annual student discount rate

October 20, 2014

Divvy announced Oct. 6 that it will apply a student discount to its annual subscription for students at Columbia College, DePaul University, Northwestern University, Rush University Medical Center, University of Illinois at Chicago and other Chicago-area colleges.Divvy, Chicago’s bike sharing service, has given college students discounted rates in recent years and is complementing an even larger discount with a $55 annua...

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