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Event participants are encouraged to bring their own shirts for Kaufmann to customize.

Voting is in fashion for this South Loop resident

September 24, 2020

South Loop resident Dubi Kaufmann will not be casting a ballot this November, but he is hosting a free T-shirt printing event to encourage others to vote—just bring your own shirt. Kaufmann ...

Juniors and seniors in high school, and college students, are encouraged to apply to be election judges for the November general election, as many in Illinois will not return because of their age puts them at risk for the coronavirus.

Looking for a way to get involved in the November election? Be an election judge

August 31, 2020

When Jeromel Dela Rosa Lara and his mother became U.S. citizens in 2017, Lara was already looking forward to voting and assisting in the U.S. democratic process. Since then, Lara, a sophomore at Harvard Un...

The youth vote faces ‘enormous’ challenges in 2020. Columbia is helping to save it.

The youth vote faces ‘enormous’ challenges in 2020. Columbia is helping to save it.

July 10, 2020

Over the span of a few months, Sharon Bloyd-Peshkin has had to re-imagine Columbia’s voter outreach initiatives three times—once to expand the effort, once after a global pandemic hit campus and o...

Upcoming exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Photography turns the lens on democracy

Upcoming exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Photography turns the lens on democracy

February 28, 2020

The desolate site of the Unabomber’s Montana cabin, a 1950s woman dressed up for a civil rights event and the ghostlike shell of a once-segregated school are just a few of the images Art and Art H...

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is scheduled to appear at a Rainbow PUSH Coalition Convention event Saturday, alongside some other Democratic presidential hopefuls.

‘A president can do it all by herself’: Warren talks big structural changes

June 29, 2019

Still hot off the debate stage, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., made a campaign pit stop in Chicago for a town hall Friday night where she outlined many of her policy plans. But Warren also provide...

Make Memes Great Again: dark, divisive and dank

Make Memes Great Again: dark, divisive and dank

December 11, 2017

Seated behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office, President Donald Trump signs an executive order with much fanfare, but when he holds up the document, it shows a hand-drawn cat, labeled “kat.” Videos borrow a clip from Hillary Clinton’s carefully crafted campaign announce...

National poetry month reinvigorates literary passion

National poetry month reinvigorates literary passion

April 14, 2017

Huddled in the aisles of After-Words Bookstore, 23 E. Illinois St., poets and listeners came together April 13 in celebration of National Poetry Month. Illinois State Poetry Society and Poets & Patron...

Christopher Wayne and Mike Tyler, co-stars of

REVIEW: ‘Naked Magicians’ shower Chicago with horny magic

March 15, 2017

Winter Storm Stella hit Chicago March 14, but that was not the only impressive sight for wide eyes and social media posts. Full-on nudity, professional trickery and the gracious hot bods of Mike Tyler and ...

David Moss discussed the history and future of democracy and his new book

Expert says democracy is in trouble, has been for decades

March 13, 2017

Recent concerns over the current state of American democracy are warranted, but the loss of confidence in the system began long before the controversial 2016 presidential election, according David Moss, a p...

South Korea emerging as democracy’s dark horse

Turns out, you can pick your family

By Arabella Breck

March 13, 2017

A president embroiled in accusations of bribery, coercion and abusing their authority was impeached March 9. President Park Geun-hye made history as South Korea's first female president in 2013. However, her preside...

Chicago named top city for corporate investment

Chicago named top city for corporate investment

By Jackie Murray

March 13, 2017

For the fourth consecutive year, the Chicagoland area was named the top location for corporate investment by Site Selection magazine, a resource for corporations and investors.Winning the “top Metro...

Israeli elections demonstrate democracy despite final outcomes

By Sports & Health Reporter

March 30, 2015

Israelis visited the polls on March 17 to exercise their right to vote as citizens of the only true democracy in the Middle East. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader of Israel’s right-wing Likud Party, was elected for a fourth term as prime minister, much to the dismay of progressive Israelis and Jews worldwide, though the left-leaning Zionist Union and its leader Isaac Herzog—Netanyahu’s main opposition—...

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