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March 8, 2018

My roommate needs a second opinion. She has an older brother who’s been struggling to lead what people would consider a normal life. He barely finished high school and dropped out of his community college after the first year. As a result, he’s never had a stable job. The family has tried multiple times to intervene and try to help, but he’s pretty resistant. Apparently, while my roommate was at home over the holidays, her...

Bela Urbina, a 15-year-old student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, speaks to the 1,000 protesters gathered at the Florida Capitol for the Rally in Tally in Tallahassee, Fla., Monday, Feb 26, 2018. (AP Photo/Mark Wallheiser)

Chicago students plan gun violence walk-out

March 5, 2018

Chloë Hancock, a senior at Jones College Prep High School and vice president of the Chicago Students Union, said social movements often start with students, and the teens from Parkland, Florida, who are t...

Youth in revolt: Students lead after Florida school shooting

Life is about second chances

By Tyra Bosnic

March 4, 2018

America’s youth has taken their future into their own hands before another mass shooting can claim them.Another school shooting Feb. 14 took the lives of 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High Schoo...


Columbia expands composting program

March 31, 2014

Composting on campus is more convenient for students now that the college has put to use a nearly $5,200 grant from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity from the spring of 2012. The grant allowed Columbia to place 13 new composting bins in student-cente...

Senate hearing looks to expose domestic extremism

By The Columbia Chronicle

September 24, 2012

In response to the Aug. 5 attack on a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wis. that left six dead and four wounded, members of the U.S. Senate and the victims’ families are seeking to strengthen laws already in place for prosecuting hate crimes in America.Members of the Council on American-Islamic Relations arranged a viewing of the Senate’s hearing on hate crimes and domestic extremism at their headquarters, 28 E. Jackson Blvd., on Sep...

Buckingham kitchen fire alarms students

By Web Master

April 16, 2011

Buckingham residents awoke at approximately 10 a.m. on Saturday afternoon to confusion and smoke as a Chicago fire fighter’s voice came over the intercom telling Columbia students to stay in their rooms and remain calm. Residents could smell smoke throughout the 59 E. Van Buren St. student-housing complex, but the fire alarm never went off.Even though the Chicago Fire Department intercom announcement could be heard on each ...

Ohio State keeps its Buck-eye on the national championship

By Etheria Modacure

February 7, 2011

The loss of Evan Turner to the NBA draft in 2010 didn’t deflate the Ohio State University Buckeyes this season. In fact, the Buckeyes improved.  On Feb. 4, they were the single remaining undefeated team in  NCAA Division I men’s basketball.With a veteran team consisting of four seniors and three juniors, the Buckeyes have been able to win games with one of the better freshmen in the country Jared Sullinger, who leads...

Tax day rally in Washington, D.C.

By Margaret Lang

March 29, 2010

On tax day, April 15, thousands of Americans will surround the U.S. Capitol and the National Mall to protest the government and support lower taxes. Protests will also be held in Los Angeles, Chicago, and many other cities around the United States.FreedomWorks will host the 2010 Tax Day Tea Party rally in Washington, D.C. FreedomWorks recruits, educates, trains and mobilizes hundreds of thousands of volunteer activists to fight for less government, lower taxes and more freedom.The...

Chicago gun law challenged

By SpencerRoush

January 25, 2010

For nearly 30 years, the city of Chicago has applied one of the most restrictive gun laws in the United States, which few have attempted to fight. But last year, four Chicago residents decided to take on the challenge along with the Second Amendment Foundation and the Illinois State Rifle Association as co-plaintiffs.On March 2, the U.S. Supreme Court is scheduled to hear the case that would eliminate the handgun ban and de...

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