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Columbia’s Urban Music Association throws it back to the ’90s and ’00s

November 25, 2015

Columbia's Urban Music Association hosted the "I love the '90s 2K" show Nov. 20 at Stage Two in the 618 S. Michigan Ave., Building. Proceeds went to the Humanities, History & Social Science Department ...

Fans question Beyoncé’s LGBT community support

By Managing Editor

November 9, 2015

Voters in Houston failed to approve a proposed equal rights ordinance Nov. 3 that would have marked an LGBT victory in the state of Texas.The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance  (HERO) would have prohibited discrimination based on a number of characteristics, including sexual orientation and gender identity. However, the bill failed to pass after 62 percent of the public voted against it.Opponents of gay marriage used fear tact...

Saving lives by restoring cars | The Columbia Chronicle

October 12, 2015

Automotive Mentoring Group is a nonprofit organization that helps young adults at risk of participating in crime and gang violence by teaching them how to restore classic cars. Founder and CEO Alex Lev...

‘Songs of the Wanderers’ returns to Chicago

‘Songs of the Wanderers’ returns to Chicago

March 17, 2014

The Columbia Dance Center’s collaboration with Taiwan’s most notable dance company is helping the Dance Department to better market itself. Columbia’s Dance Center, 1306 S. Michigan Ave., co-presented “Songs of the Wanderers” with Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan from Ma...

Students drunk on friendship

By Brandon Smith

September 4, 2012

Many hungover mornings have been spent lamenting a lost phone or reminiscing about how funny it was when it took that one guy 30 minutes to put his shoes on the night before. But there are serious implications associated with drinking to keep in mind before heading out to a party.First, the good news: research shows there are positive aspects to drinking, much to the delight of college students.Michael Sayette, a professor of psy...

Campus community needs to let Columbia unite

By Editorial Board

April 30, 2012

Columbia’s spring semester was contentious for the campus community. The prioritization process has been an exhaustive evaluation of the college’s programs, and emotions have run high on all sides. Administrators in particular have faced serious criticism from students and faculty, and multiple conflicts, debates and arguments have erupted.But a recent argument between sophomore marketing communication major Toni Andrei...

Columbia program cuts require cautious approach

By Editorial Board

February 13, 2012

Columbia is often lauded by its own administration as the best arts and media college in the country. But according to the academic rankings published in The Chronicle on Feb. 6, Columbia will be downsizing its degree programs in the near future by eliminating portions of several departments. While discontinuing certain degree programs is the most logical course of action for our cash-strapped college, administrators must u...

Red hot fashion at Columbia

By Cristina Aguirre

April 4, 2011

Students of different disciplines from all around the college joined together for one cause—promoting AIDS awareness. Columbia helped kick off the first Red Dress Party in Chicago by organizing and hosting a fashion show to preview the national event, scheduled to take place later this month. The national and annually held event raises money and heightens the understanding of AIDS and HIV in the world. The event was held on...

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