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Don’t nobody give a #%*^ about swearing

By Editor-in-Chief

February 17, 2014

My fascination with four-letter words and their variations began at age 3 with the words “fire truck.” I was just learning how to speak and my parents thought it was funny to make me say “fire truck.” Unable to enunciate, my garbled English made it sound like I was saying “f--k.” Adults thought it was hilarious and I loved the attention even though I had no idea why people were laughing.Much to my parents’ di...

Photography alumna weeks from stardom

February 10, 2014

At 5:30 a.m. on Jan. 16, a Columbia alumna was anxiously waiting for a phone call that most filmmakers can only dream about. Caryn Capotosto was about to find out if her film would be nominated for...

Featured Athlete: Megan Pyrz

By Brandon Smith

September 10, 2012

Megan Pyrz, a sophomore at DePaul University, started playing goalkeeper for the women’s soccer team as a freshman. She was recently named Big East Goalkeeper of the Week, based on the outstanding season she has recorded so far. In six games, she has allowed only three goals and has made 27 saves, the second most in the Big East conference. The Chronicle met with the Minnesota native before she went home for the Minnesota Gold C...

Coal power reevaluated

By Kaley Fowler

March 12, 2012

With environmental awareness becoming more widespread, demands for cleaner power are gaining momentum as lawmakers, scientists and activists push to alter Illinois’ coal power facilities.In recent years, the growing focus on better air quality has prompted several Chicago environmental groups to demand that the city shut down its coal power facilities, chiefly the Fisk Generating Station, 1111 W. Cermak Road, and the Cra...

At least you have your health?

By Samuel Charles

March 6, 2012

Last week, it was announced that Mayor Rahm Emanuel had brokered a deal to close Chicago’s two coal-fired power plants in the Pilsen and Little Village communities. The company that owns the plants, Midwest Generation, has been under mounting scrutiny in recent years after several studies have shown that people who live in the immediate vicinity have dramatically higher rates of respiratory problems, such as emphysema and as...

Coal plant plans false

By Samuel Charles

May 2, 2011

The Environmental Protection Agency’s lawsuit against Midwest Generation EME LLC, a local energy company, and its two coal plants in Pilsen and Little Village is ongoing. However, plans to build a third coal plant in downtown Chicago have proven to be an elaborate hoax.The Yes Men, a political and social activist group, managed to trick many South Loop residents into believing another plant was to be built on an empty lot ...

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