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Congestion pricing could clear up Chicago

Congestion pricing could clear up Chicago

December 11, 2017

With traffic on local highways causing daily delays, a new infrastructural method may be the next solution to Chicagoland’s daily gridlock headaches.The idea of implementing congestion pricing—a sy...

Meet Columbia’s safety specialist

By Alexandra Kukulka

November 12, 2012

As Columbia’s campus continues to expand, a newly created position in the Office of Campus Safety & Security has been filled.Susan Rizer is the college’s new environmental health and safety coordinator, a job created just for her. She has been charged with carrying out the College Safety Plan, which requires her to visit each department and conduct safety assessments, to discover what safety hazards are present.Acco...

2012 Iowa Caucuses

By Sara Mays

January 9, 2012

Presidential candidate hopefuls took Iowa by storm to kick off the race to the Presidential nomination. After numerous appearances and speeches to the residents of Iowa, it was left up to the people on Caucus night to decide their fate. Mitt Romney won the Caucus with 24.6%, while Rick Santorum came in at a close and surprising second at 24.5%. Michele Bachmann came in last with 5% which caused her to drop out of the race ...

Free rides should end

By Brianna Wellen

October 17, 2011

Columbia as private college, doesn’t always reap the same rewards as state-funded institutions. In my college selection process, I considered state schools that were, in some cases, cheaper to attend and offered more scholarships overall, lowering the cost of education even further. For some, ongoing state support to public universities eliminates the private  school option.One such program, the Illinois General Assembly Le...

Renovation stations

By Vanessa Morton

October 10, 2011

El riders will see two more changes in their daily travels as the Chicago Transit Authority and Chicago Department of Transportation go forward with a number of large construction projects.Both agencies have worked together for 15 years in an effort to modernize subway stations throughout the Loop.Brian Steele, CDOT spokesman, said the CTA has been working with CDOT on a multi-year program that has been renovating numerous stati...

Tracking quality of life data for Chicago’s MetroPulse

By Darryl Holliday

November 22, 2010

A new website making its debut in Chicagoland will monitor the pulse of northeastern Illinois through analyses of quality of life data and policy indicators.MetroPulse, a collaboration between the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning and the Chicago Community Trust, was launched on Nov. 17. The site will attempt to compile data from a variety of sources—including the U.S. Census, various city departments and the Woodstock Inst...

The ghost of Chicago’s past

By Darryl Holliday

September 7, 2010

Odds are that from the roof of the tallest building in the United States—Chicago’s Willis Tower—several structures with the famous architectural mark of Daniel Burnham can be spotted.The man who co-authored the 1909 “Plan of Chicago”—a plan that figures largely in the development of modern city planning—continues to influence the city of Chicago to this day through the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Plannin...

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