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Caffeine enhances memory, study shows

Caffeine enhances memory, study shows

February 3, 2014

It is not news that caffeine is used as a resource for staying awake and alert. But new findings suggest that it is not just an energy booster—it may also aid memory.According to a study published Jan...

Dress like a man

By Justin Moran

January 28, 2013

The fashion industry has historically lent greater stylistic freedom to womenswear designers, who are free to confidently explore masculinity from season to season. Classic menswear staples such as three-piece suits, button-ups and lace-up Oxfords have all become an integral part of women’s wardrobes with neither question nor criticism from society—but the same cannot be said for menswear. Standard silhouettes and staples...

New jazzy executive director

By Alexandra Kukulka

December 5, 2011

The Chicago Jazz Ensemble demonstrates its ongoing commitment to music education to students on and off Columbia’s campus, according to the organization’s website.In 2009, the Chicago Jazz Ensemble hired a new executive director, Kate Dumbleton, who has years of experience in jazz and music. After college, she worked in San Francisco, where she opened and owned a jazz club and performance space. She also worked as an i...

Coffee for your thoughts: New study suggests caffeine can help learning, memory

By Lindsey Woods

December 5, 2011

Holiday break is right around the corner, but instead of sugar plums dancing in the heads of students, thoughts of finals, essays and projects are accumulating. Coffee can keep you awake for long hours of studying, but a new study suggests it can do more than that.An online article published on Nov. 20, on the Nature Neuroscience website, outlines research that indicates caffeine can help cognitive functions, such as learnin...

Energy drinks may have addicting effects

By J_Howard

November 29, 2010

Energy drinks contain anywhere from 75 to 500 milligrams of caffeine, far more than a cup of coffee or can of cola. Having become mainstream in today’s society, these drinks deliver a heavy punch with an addictive substance.The drinks contain a blend of typical ingredients found in many sodas. They’re sugary and taste good, and what sets them apart are the extra ingredients, as much as 10 times the caffeine, coupled wi...

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