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Greg Evans of Oak Lawn grills outside

Chicago ‘bears down’ for 100th season, despite losing to Packers

September 6, 2019

Cheering Chicago Bears fans gathered in Grant Park Thursday to celebrate the National Football League's 100th season kickoff. Fans were able to run plays in the training camp, throw long distance...

The Bears signed free agents Allen Robinson and Trey Burton in the off-season to revamp their passing game, which ranked last in yards gained last season. 

Bears off-season plays may bring them out of hibernation

May 6, 2018

The Chicago Bears closed the 2018 draft on a high note and are looking to put it all together for a successful season.Last season, the Bears finished last in the NFC North with only five wins. The team...

Business Risks and Responsibilities

By Sponsored Content

May 5, 2018

I’ve always dreamed of starting my own business. To me, it seems ideal--I get to be in charge, be my own boss, and set my own priorities. But I have to admit that I’m also kind of scared by the idea. I know that running a business comes with a lot of responsibilities. In particular, I’m kind of worried about the legal obligations I’ll have as a business owner. I think I’m good enough with money and business to get things...

CHI-TOWN LOW DOWN: Light pollution threatens Chicago’s health

By Managing Editor

April 27, 2015

Chicago may be the best-lit city in the U.S., as more than 250,000 sodium vapor lights create orange, ribbon-like patterns throughout the streets extending from the South Side to the North Side. The view from the top of the Willis Tower or flying into O’Hare International Airport at night showcases views of the city’s orange grid-like structure, which can also be seen clearly from space.The city uses a number of different ...

Halftime from the Sideline

Da three Bears of Christmas

March 16, 2015

On the second day of free agency, my Bears brought to me: One Pernell McPhee, one Eddie Royal and one safety.The Bears may not have been part of Ndamukong Suh’s record-breaking $114 million deal, and they ma...

Halftime from the Sideline

Marshall gone, Bears move on

March 9, 2015

Take down the highway billboards. Brandon Marshall is no longer on the Chicago Bears.The wide receiver who single-handedly pulled a football out of the air while already mid-air against the San Francisco...

Dry campus a wet blanket

By Editorial Board

February 16, 2015

Columbia proudly touts itself as a “dry campus”—drinking, possessing or distributing alcohol is strictly prohibited on campus and at college-sponsored events held off campus, unless the college’s administration approves otherwise. While the college’s dry campus policy means well, it is a laughable and barely enforceable policy at best.The Chronicle in no way condones underage drinking or providing alcohol to minors...

Sports fans: Da Bears and da bees

By Copy Chief

January 26, 2015

Somebody had to give da Bears da talk, and it wasn’t da coach.Face it, the Bears were beyond underwhelming this year. Contrary to what the majority of Bears fans might be saying, it was not entirely because of poor coaching, though.Don’t get me wrong, I am not praising the 2014–2015 Bears coaching staff, but since the league and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s decision on the Ray Rice controversy earlier in the s...

The “Literary Magazine Editing” class chooses submitted poems that will be included in the annual issue of the Columbia Poetry Review, an internationally distributed poetry journal of student work, solicited works of renowned poets and public submissions.

Students learn by editing Columbia Poetry Review

November 3, 2014

After reaching its Nov. 1 deadline for submission to its 28th issue, The Columbia Poetry Review, a student-edited literary journal, is now one step closer to publication. Every fall, the “Literary...

Common stomach bacteria act as allergy allies

Common stomach bacteria act as allergy allies

September 8, 2014

As the number of people with food allergies rapidly climbs, researchers may have found an unexpected ally in the search for treatment: the microscopic bacteria that make their homes in our stomachs. Clos...

Fantasy Football

Fantasy football gets real

September 2, 2014

  For some, football is just a game. To others, football is a lifestyle— one that allows them the chance to manage a team of players they have never met. Just days away from the start of the 2014...

Electric bikes could zoom through bike lanes

Electric bikes could zoom through bike lanes

May 12, 2014

Bicycle paths may soon welcome electric bikes with a proposal by two aldermen looking to clarify the city’s transportation laws.Aldermen Scott Waguespack (32nd Ward) and Joe Moreno (1st Ward) introduced an ordina...

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