The Columbia Chronicle


College Council talks student safety

By Shardae Smith

November 8, 2010

College Council met for its second session of the academic year on Nov. 8, in the 1104 Center, 1104 S. Wabash Ave., addressing topics including building updates, campus safety and security and the ongoing discussion of the council’s fate.The first topic addressed involved the ongoing reflection among the college deans with regard to degree requirements and the need to reduce credit hours among certain majors, according to a ...

Organic options questioned

By TaylorGleason

October 19, 2009

Walk into any local organic grocery store and you’ll see an array of colorful fruits and vegetables displayed in natural, earthy-looking brown crates and boxes. Organic and all-natural foods are gaining popularity in the U.S., but while these foods seem healthier, there is no scientific proof that they are.Organic food is grown using all-natural pesticides and fertilizers with an emphasis on sustainable farming practices....

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