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Endorsement: Biden is a beacon of empathy in a sea of political unrest

Endorsement: Biden is a beacon of empathy in a sea of political unrest

October 30, 2020

In the middle of a pandemic and with climate change nipping at our heels, remembering the individuals who comprise our country is more important now than ever. That is why the Chronicle is endorsing ...

The debate on student health insurance: Columbia is 'staying out of it'

The debate on student health insurance: Columbia is ‘staying out of it’

June 1, 2020

Unlike some colleges and universities in the city, Columbia does not provide health insurance to all students, leaving most to rely on local commercial or government-funded plans, their p...

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State law protects women from federal birth control regulation

October 16, 2017

The Department of Health and Human Services issued new guidelines Oct. 6 that broaden employers’ ability to exempt themselves from the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive coverage requirements. The ...

HB40 action does not let Rauner off the hook

HB40 action does not let Rauner off the hook

October 2, 2017

After playing both sides of the aisle for months, Gov. Bruce Rauner made up his mind and signed House Bill 40 into law Sept. 28, expanding taxpayer-subsidized abortions for women covered by Medicaid and...

Health-care debate far from over after latest GOP bill fails

By Editorial Board

October 2, 2017

The latest Republican move to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act sunk like a stone last week. After three GOP senators voiced opposition to the Graham-Cassidy bill Sept.26, voting was cancelled because the legislation didn’t have the necessary 51-vote support. The ACA is safe for now. However, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, and Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-Louisiana, two of the bill’s authors, have vowed to continu...

Shirts off for (some of) The Walters!

REVIEW: The Orwells, The Walters shake it down at home show on US tour kickoff (PHOTOS)

March 17, 2017

"Take your shirt off!" the crowd shouted at Walter Kosner of The Walters. Lead singer Luke Olson screamed into the microphone for Kosner to appease the audience; he didn't need to be told again and ...

Sex Through The Decades

By Carolyn Bradley

February 16, 2017

There’s new information available every day so we can educate ourselves on virtually any subject. And that has led to more open discussions on a particularly hot topic: sex. People are slowly feeling more comfortable addressing sex  and related discussions.This wasn’t always the case. Until the mid-to-late 20th century, conversations on sex did not exist—or if they did, they were done in whispers. Noel Paul Hertz, owner of...

Mayoral candidate Willie Wilson spoke to supporters during a luncheon at Maggiano’s Banquets, 111 W. Grand Ave.

Willie Wilson speaks candidly at luncheon

February 9, 2015

In his thick Louisiana accent, mayoral candidate Willie Wilson addressed a small, mostly black crowd including many clergy on Feb. 5 at Maggiano’s Banquets, 111 W. Grand Ave. He talked of the 2013 Chica...

Trauma center drama trumps Obama

By Editorial Board

February 2, 2015

In light of the University of Chicago’s bid for the Barack Obama Presidential Library, some South Side residents and community organizers have opted to use the bid as a platform to discuss the area’s deafening lack of an adult trauma center. Protesters chant “No trauma, no ‘bama,” demanding the university reopen its Level 1 trauma center rather than pursue a presidential library. U of C’s Medical Center close...

IlliniCare Health establishes center in North Lawndale

IlliniCare Health establishes center in North Lawndale

December 8, 2014

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Jeff Joy, CEO of IlliniCare Health, announced in a Nov. 21 press release that the company will provide 300 additional jobs in Chicago.  As a result of the Affordable Care Act and ...

US health care system least affordable

Health Care

By Assistant Sports & Health Editor

November 3, 2014

A recent survey shows that the U.S. health care system ranks last in terms of affordability and accessibility compared to health care systems of other developed nations.The survey, sponsored by the Commonwealth Fu...

Noah born to win

Ihmoud's Moods

By Media Relations Editor

March 10, 2014

It seems like a lifetime ago that Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose went down with another season-ending injury and fans and analysts began to count the Bulls out for the season. Some even wanted the te...

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