Students who want to apply for scholarships need to act fast

By Cierra Lemott, Multimedia Reporter

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Undergraduate and graduate students have until Feb. 1 at midnight to apply for internal scholarships.

The scholarships cover a wide variety of majors, with some specifically for incoming, transfer, and continuing students.

Roa Khalil, a junior creative writing major, has applied for internal scholarships in the past and is in the process of completing some applications for this year’s scholarships. She described the process as “pretty easy.”

“[The application includes] pretty mundane [and] repetitive questions for scholarships. It’s mostly just essay questions,” Khalil said.

Micah Simmons, a junior Graphic Design major who transferred to Columbia, applied for scholarships to ease her financial burdens. The college has been emailing her about the scholarships “since school was about to start.”

Student Financial Services hosted three “Scholarship 101” workshops this past fall to provide students with information on the application and process.

Luis Pinal, a junior ASL interpretation major, did not apply to any scholarships this time around but said they are an important resource for students at the college.

Because of federal student aid, “I already don’t pay that much, so I can manage with what I have, but looking at scholarships wouldn’t be a bad idea,” Pinal said.

Ginny Johnson, assistant vice president for Student Financial Services, told the Chronicle in an email that the college opens additional scholarships through the year. “Email notices are sent to students when these applications open,” Johnson said.

The link to the scholarships can be found here. For any questions related to scholarships, contact