Paranormal Cirque brings humor and horror to North Riverside

By Steven Nunez, Photojournalist

Aerial silks, magic tricks, five men on horizontal bars, cyr wheel, dancing and more are coming to a black circus tent in the North Riverside Mall.

Paranormal Cirque, 7501 W. Cermak Road., brings horror-themed festivities early this Labor Day weekend.

Inside the tent, Paranormal Cirque exposes its audience to a combination of theatre, illusions, circus and cabaret performances with a new European style flare. Olivia Mattice, dancer and magician assistant, said the adult humor and horror theme makes the show unique.

Steven Nunez
Cabaret was one of the main themes of Paranormal Cirque, offering a unique flare through makeup and dress.

Performers from around the world are cast to put together the horror themed circus show.

“It’s actually a huge privilege,” Mattice said. “I get to experience people that have been training literally their whole life. It’s nice to have a common ground of love for the circus and see everyone work together.”

Mattice advises people to come to the Paranormal Cirque without expectations.

“What I hope that people will take away is that there is pleasure to find within expecting the unexpected.” Mattice said.