Panic! At The Disco gives fans a ‘House of Memories’ at the United Center

By Jared Callaway, Photojournalist

Panic! At The Disco arrived in Chicago on a mild fall day, which was perfect as fans were soon warmed up from the pyrotechnics during the band’s performance.

The band was in Chicago Friday promoting the recent release of their new album “Viva Las Vengeance” and to make up their long-anticipated show that was previously scheduled for Sept 17. The concert, which was held at the United Center, located at 1901 W. Madison St., was packed with fans to hear Panic! At The Disco’s new and old songs alike.

Their pre-concert playlist, which included “About Damn Time by Lizzo and Running Up That Hillby Kate Bush, gave fans an opportunity to prepare their voices as they waited for Panic! At The Disco to take the stage. As the clock on the screens wound down, anticipation grew.

In between a catwalk soon to be illuminated at the edges by neon lights after Panic! At The Disco entered the stage, fans were packed in the pit, cheering in anticipation.

Brendon Urie, Panic! At the Disco’s only current permanent member, fronting what has become a solo project with a touring band, came onto the stage and started his set amid a cloud of fog and other pyrotechnics. With a full band, Panic! At The Disco opened up with their fast-paced song “Say Amen (Saturday Night)” from their album “Pray for the Wicked.” Fans from the front to the back of the arena could be heard shouting the lyrics.

As referenced in the tour name, they played their entire album “Viva Las Vengeance,” which takes on a pop-rock sound. The title track of the album, played while surrounded by yellow and aqua lights, could be heard across the venue as concertgoers shouted, “Shut up and go to bed.” The song talks about Panic! At The Disco’s experience as a band that came up together, matured and developed its sound and vibe in the area around Las Vegas, which is a recurring theme throughout the album.

Panic! At The Disco has been in the pop-punk scene for nearly two decades. For older fans, they played songs such as their classic hit “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” from their 2005 album “A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out.” Fans helped supply many of the lyrics to this hit while most of the people in the pit had their arms in the air. Following that song, Panic! also played Nine in the Afternoon.”

As Urie made his way down the catwalk for the last time of the night, a rain of two shades of blue confetti fell from the ceiling, marking the end of the show. Panic! At The Disco brought life to the arena with their theatrics, dancing and pyrotechnics. Ending the show on a strong note, they energized their fans who came to the United Center with “high hopes for” the evening.