Grad Column: See ya around!

By Patrick Casey, Graphic Designer

Patrick Casey

During summer 2017, I needed to start looking for a job. Without help from the college, I wouldn’t have stepped foot into The Chronicle—my first graphic design job. I thought, “Me working for the newspaper? Of all places.”

I felt so lucky to be part of something extremely exciting. I’ve gotten to learn so much from this job that now I’m more confident with myself and my work. Now that it’s time for me to step through some more doors in my life, I can’t thank The Chronicle staff enough for being so caring to me, even in times when I was not very interactive. It’s moments like these that make a difference in someone’s life; just taking a leap of faith to experience something you’d never expect.

What’s next for me now? I honestly don’t know, but I hope it’s good; I think it will be. There were times I thought of being a graphic designer, advertising for big companies or being a concept artist for an animation studio, creating amazing worlds and characters that have a story to tell. But nevertheless, it all started here at The Chronicle, and that’s unforgettable. There comes a time to leave the past behind you—and you can still look back at it—but for now, it’s time to move forward. It’s going to be awesome.

See ya around!