Meet the candidates running for SGA Executive Board

By Bridget Ekis , Staff Reporter

Steven Nunez
SGA Candidates Jori Roberts, Ashley Moore, Kierah King, Anna Baumeister, and Lauren Miller.

Three executive board positions for Student Government Association are open for the 2019–2020 academic year: vice president of communications, vice president and president.

Voting for the candidates is available for all students on Oasis April 11–14.

During an April 9 Meet the Candidates event held by SGA at the Ferguson Theatre, 600 S. Michigan Ave., the five female candidates gave a brief background of their time on SGA and their plans if elected.

Vice president of communications candidates

Steven Nunez
Lauren Miller, Freshman acting Major, running for vice president of communications.

Name: Lauren Miller

Major: Acting

Year: Freshman

Lauren Miller currently serves on SGA as a multicultural awareness representative. She describes herself  as a creative, reliable and determined person who has three main goals if elected.

Miller’s first goal is to create a website directing students to SGA meeting reflections, including the minutes and topics discussed. Miller mentioned SGA’s current system of sending a newsletter via email works for her, but she recognizes that might not be the case for all students.

“Students rarely check their emails, but it’s easy for them to be informed on social media platforms,” Miller said.

Miller’s other goals include increasing campus awareness about SGA and making consistent posts on SGA’s social media platforms.

Steven Nunez
Ashley Moore, sophomore illustration major, running for vice president of communications.

Name: Ashley Moore

Major: Illustration

Year: Sophomore

Moore is currently an SGA senator for the Design Department and describes herself as very organized, being able to balance two jobs and being a full-time student.

Moore has served on SGA for about two years. She would also like to use social media as a tool to promote resources in various buildings around campus.

Moore said she wants SGA’s social media to serve not only as a place for information on campus, but also a place for students to take a break during the day. This includes posting memes to the group’s account and leaving direct messages open for students if they have questions.


Vice president candidates

Steven Nunez
Anna Baumeister, freshman comedy writing and performance major, running for Vice President.

Name: Anna Baumeister

Major: Comedy writing and performance

Year: Freshman

Anna Baumeister currently serves as a senator for the Theatre Department and said joining SGA has been a highlight of her freshman year.

Baumeister proposed three goals she would like to work on as vice president.

First, she wants to improve student communication between students and SGA. Baumeister wants to create a “one-stop shop” styled website for students where they can communicate better.

Improving communication between SGA senators is Baumeister’s second goal for next school year, and her third is to improve student life on campus by holding smaller events that bring students together and help them feel comfortable on campus and in their dorms.

“Having the opportunity to serve as a senator is one of the greatest opportunities I’ve had thus far,” Baumeister said. “To be able to do that at a higher level would just be the greatest honor I could ever have.”

Steven Nunez
Jori Roberts, sophomore radio major, running for vice president.

Name: Jori Roberts

Major: Radio

Year: Sophomore

Jori Roberts was an SGA senator and the chairman for SGA’s Internal Committee last semester.

Roberts said she could not be on the Internal Committee or be a senator this semester due to school being her top priority, but she continued to volunteer to be a part of SGA. 

“When I feel like something is right for me, and I am somewhere I belong, I am determined to always find another option,” Roberts said. “SGA is a family I started getting close with, and to just up and leave them would’ve taken a toll on me.”

As vice president, Roberts wants to make sure SGA has a full team of senators next academic year. She also wants to help SGA’s president with various decisions and make them feel like she is their right-hand man.

Roberts said her main goal is to let the student body know they have a voice.


Presidential candidate

Steven Nunez
Kierah King, junior dance major, running for president.

Name: Kierah King

Major: Dance

Year: Junior

Kierah King currently serves as the vice president and is running unopposed for president.

She said her time as Vice President has been an honor.

“Each student in this room is special simply because we show up and put in work,” King said. “I see leaders and strong artists within so many students here at Columbia, and I want to ensure that students feel represented.”

King said her biggest goal this upcoming year is to increase student engagement.

“I want to push students toward action and help promote their ideas and values with one another,” King said.