Media Hub Minute Episode 9

Andres Guerra

By Sam Tucker, Photojournalist

In this week’s episode of the Media Hub Minute, host Sam Tucker breaks down Columbia’s recently announced “Master Plan” and what it means for the future of the college’s campus.

Then, learn about the newest polling place for residents in the 25th precinct, in Wards 3 and 4.

After, hear about the college’s plan to hire a new advisor for the global education department, to better support students who want to study abroad.

Next, tune to the college’s launch of a new “intimacy certificate” to help graduate students learn more about consent in an theatre setting.

Finally, get an inside peek to the Chronicle’s annual “Sex Issue” with guest Olivia Cohen, editor-in-chief of the Chronicle.

Hosted and written by Sam Tucker. Produced and edited by Andres Guerra. Directed by K’Von Jackson. Camera work by Bianca Kreusel. Videography by Jared Callaway. Production assistance by Zoë Takaki. Graphic by Kailey Ryan.