Media Hub Minute Episode 15

Andres Guerra and John McGowan

By Justice Lewis, Opinion Editor

This week on Media Hub Minute host Justice Lewis talks about the family of a Columbia student who accused the school of not letting their disabled father use a bathroom in Columbia’s 916 S. Wabash Ave. building.

Next, Justice discusses last week’s town hall with President and CEO Kwang-Wu Kim and his presidential administration, where the president said now is the time for “honest conversations” about the college’s financial deficit.

After, Media Hub Minute welcomes journalism student Miranda Bucio, who is the first contributing writer for the Chronicle’s new Spanish language section, La Crónica, which is dedicated to reporting in Spanish.

Hosting by Justice Lewis. Editing, directing and executive producing by Andres Guerra. Audio by John McGowan. Script written by Andres Guerra and Zoë Takaki. Camera work by Bianca Kreusel. Videography by Sam Tucker, Jared Callaway and Abra Richardson.