Media Hub Minute Episode 15

Jackie Elliott, Peter Midwa, and Shane Verkest

By Justice Lewis and Nathan Sirkin

This week on the Media Hub Minute, we’ll tell you about the rallies for Ukraine, where hundreds of Chicagoans gathered in Ukranian Village demanding action against the Russian invasion.

Then, hear about Sankofa Week on campus, inspired by the 1993 film “Sankofa,” by Ethiopian filmmaker Haile Gerima.

Finally, we’ll take you to the theatre and preview “Blood at the Root,” a Columbia play directed by senior theatre major Ashley Keys.

Hosted by Justice Lewis. Written by Nathan Sirkin. Directed and produced by Jackie Elliott. Cinematography by Peter Midwa. Edited by Shane Verkest. Graphics by Jackie Elliott and Colleen Hogan. Photos by Irvin Ibarra and Abra Richardson. Lighting by Shane Verkest.