Letter to the Editor: New tuition increase too burdensome for students, alternatives needed

By EllaRose Winston

Dear Editor,

Columbia’s recent announcement that tuition will rise by some 10% will pose an enormous hardship on myself and many other students who are already struggling to get by in the aftermath of COVID.

This rise in tuition is nearly $3,000 dollars a year. On average, tuition at private four-year universities has already gone up over 100% over the past 20 years, according to the Education Data Initiative.

Seeing that many students still have online classes and do not have access to all the opportunities that the college offers, we feel that if anything, tuition should go down.

It is only fair to ask what we will be receiving in return for paying all this extra money.

As it is, many of us are only able to attend because of scholarships. I am concerned, however, that because of this excessive increase, some will not be able to afford Columbia anymore.

I believe everyone deserves a college education if they so desire. This is not making it any easier on current students, future students, or aspiring artists.

There has to be another way! We strongly ask the college to re-evaluate every option available to see where additional savings can be made.

Please don’t penalize the students. Columbia can only endure and prosper with a dynamic student body and tuition rates that are fair and affordable!


EllaRose Winston