Letter to the Editor: In response to ‘Department of Labor to oversee CFAC elections’

By Letter to the Editor, by Deb Doetzer

As an active member of the CFAC Union and a member in good standing of SAG-AFTRA for 22 years, I have seen factions within both unions fighting not for the good of all members—as a union is supposed to do—but for their own best interests. There is a small but vocal minority here at Columbia that seems to want to undermine the hard work that our CFAC leadership has fought for. Despite having disaffiliated from IEA years ago, these folks keep sowing seeds of discontent, masqueraded as “informing” members. It’s a similar tactic I have seen recently in SAG-AFTRA elections from a faction with the misleading moniker “Membership First.” They were fighting not for all members of the union, but for their own self interests. Thankfully, most of the members could see the forest through the trees, and they were unsuccessful in getting the votes. I hope our membership is as insightful.

We have an election coming up. If you are concerned, get the facts, attend meetings, learn about unions and vote in an informed way. This kind of bullying has got to stop.

Deb Doetzer

Communication Department Representative

Adjunct professor in the Communication Department