Letter to the Editor: After CFAC election, ‘it’s time to move on,’ says adjunct

By Letter to the Editor, by Stephanie Goldberg

I’m going to ask for a cease-fire in union wars with no more commentary on either sides’ motives or dedication to Columbia. It’s time to move on.

If anyone wants to know what support and tangible benefits I’ve received over the years from being a CFAC and one-time staff union member, they have only to ask.

Neither are perfect organizations but both have been there for me when I needed it. I have great personal affection and professional admiration for people on both sides of this dispute, and the Reform Slate has valid points on improving communication.

However, unions are not the typical professional associations. If you want to change something, the usual assumption is that you will roll up your sleeves and get involved. Not everyone can, I know.

My minimal involvement with CFAC as a curricular committee representative has been a rewarding experience enlightening me to the inner workings of the school, and my input has always been treated respectfully. I recommend it highly.

Stephanie Goldberg

Adjunct professor in the Communications Department