Glaive performs new tracks during sold-out show at Bottom Lounge

By Jared Callaway, Photojournalist

Screaming fans crowded the Bottom Lounge in the West Loop to see glaive, midwxst and aldn perform their unique sets that each bent and defied the pop/hip-hop genre.

Aldn, an opener and collaborator of midwxst and glaive, started his set with his new song “n2o” before transitioning into the song “predictable.” “Predictable” is about feeling lonely and lost. Despite the topic, the chorus adds a positive note, saying aldnhope[s] that you get found.”

With crimson light shining down on midwxst, he opened his Saturday, Feb. 26 set with his song “Star.” He performed “Star” before transitioning into a similarly fast-paced, unreleased track. Later in the set, he played his new single “i know you hate me” about a relationship starting to falter.

Glaive began his performance with the song “prick” to an ecstatic crowd before transitioning into “detest me.” His set was filled with his thoughts about lost relationships and the bitter feelings that remain. Many of the songs he played during the set were new tracks from his EP “old dog, new tricks,” such as “justlikeu4theimage” and “icarus.” “Old dog, new tricks” is the deluxe version of glaive’s EP “all dogs go to heaven.”

The “old dogs, new tricks” tour has now concluded, but fans can follow glaive on his Instagram and Twitter and visit his website for future tour updates.