Get Up and Move event brings different majors together through movement

By Zoë Takaki, Staff Reporter

Students stretched, stepped and moved at Student Programming Board’s Feb. 2 event Get Up and Move, Classes for yoga, Chicago stepping, Reggaeton and other styles of movement were offered to all students.

Jewel Baker, junior film and television major and president of SPB, created an event that brought in a variety of majors.

Baker taught the Chicago stepping class, a style of dance she learned at family cookouts and at The Rink on 87th street.

“I feel like there’s not many dance classes that all majors can participate in,” Baker said. “So one of our main focuses is having something where students can literally get up and move and relax as we begin the semester.”

Trinity Sutton, freshman graphic design major, said the event brought students “closer together as artists and we end up inspiring one another.”

Student Center yoga teachers Sandy Nowarita and Heather Bush led the yoga classes.

Salsa and Reggaeton classes were taught by Sol Nolasco, junior music major and Lorena Castro, sophomore fashion major. They blasted Marc Anthony and Daddy Yankee as they taught students two choreographed dances.

A raffle with a variety of prizes took place, and students won art supplies, essential oils, fuzzy blankets and other self care tools at the event, which which took place on the 5th floor of the Student Center from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Junior music major Nicole Nicolalde, who took home a yoga mat and water bottle, said the environment was nonjudgmental.

“Nobody’s criticizing if you’re a top notch dancer or not, it’s more of building a community and being able to put yourself out there because the environment is safe.”