Bang Bang Pie gets slice of new location in Ravenswood


Lou Foglia

Employees and fans of Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits in Logan Square are getting ready to add a North Side location in Ravenswood to their dining plans sometime this May.

By Arts & Culture Reporter

Chicagoans who enjoy savory and sweet pies from Bang Bang Pies & Biscuits in Logan Square will soon have a second location in Ravenswood dining.

Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits is opening its second location at 4947 N. Damen Ave. in May, scheduling pending, according to owner Michael Ciapciak.

The first shop, which opened in March 2012 at 2051 N. California Ave., is best known for its cozy atmosphere and comfort food, including sweet and savory pies and homemade biscuits topped with maple-glazed ham, crispy chicken thighs or candied bacon, to name a few of the shop’s menu top selections.

“We are truly a neighborhood place, and Ravenswood was a neighborhood we felt we could add value to,” Ciapciak said.

Much of the menu will be the same as the other locations, Ciapciak said, but the new shop will be larger.

Patrons can count on such staples as the signature Key lime, chocolate pecan and fruit pies, along with breakfast biscuits garnished with ham, sausage or bacon, head chef Patrick Cloud said.

Some of the new selections in the works include grilled cheese biscuits, wedge salads, popovers  easy for commuters to eat and an “everything biscuit,” made of seeds and spices like an “everything” bagel, topped with smoked salmon and cream cheese, Cloud said.

Cloud, who has worked at Bang Bang for about three years, said he is looking forward to the different clientele of the North Side and said he is excited to explore more diverse options that the shop’s second location will offer.

Michelle J. Rodriguez, a Logan Square resident and musician who recently moved from Vermont, said the atmosphere of the shop and employees’ personalities keep her coming back to Bang Bang. She especially enjoys the recorded jazz playlist on Wednesdays.

“The people are really jazzy, fun and friendly,” Rodriguez said. “Other coffee shops feel very ‘office-y.’ The atmosphere makes me feel really creative.”

Ciapciak, who has a background in hospitality and fine dining restaurant reviews, said his ideal Ravenswood restaurant would be buzzing with potentially new customers that will keep being drawn back like Rodriguez.

“My dream store would look filled to the brim with smiling guests,” Ciapciak said. “It’s people that come for the first time and decide that they really want to return that make me happy.”