Decorating with Canvas Prints

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Canvas prints allow you to convert photographs into beautiful works of art. The process involves submitting pictures of your choice, which are transposed onto canvas prints in the size and style of your choice.


By hanging a canvas print in your home, it can transform the space in question, providing a missing element that improves the aesthetic environment. There are various canvas prints to choose from.


Gallery Wrapped Edges

Canvas prints with gallery-wrapped edges are a popular option. These incorporate photos printed onto a canvas, which are professionally stretched around a wooden frame. This method prevents distortions caused by wrinkles in the fabric. With a high-quality wrapped canvas print, tight stretches and secure staples are implemented for an expert placement. One perk of this method is that images are displayed in full, rather than being cut off at the edges like with traditional framed prints. If you’re looking for a lightweight and versatile option, gallery-wrapped canvases are a great option. They can easily be hung in any room, creating a contemporary display that ensures your canvas stands out with a touch of flare.



Framed canvases are perfect for those seeking a traditional look. Frames are great for adding depth, and you can still enjoy the benefits of a canvas print. They draw attention to a photo of choice, making them perfect for photos you want to stand out. There are various color options and styles to choose from, like black, wooden, or white frames. You should choose something that complements your existing theme, where color coordination can create a homey ambiance. Frames are also great for displaying multiple photos, which are pulled together for a cohesive feel.



Why not enhance your walls using a collage gallery to promote your creative side? By doing so, you’ll become your own interior designer. A collage canvas is great for displaying multiple photos. You can also break a single photo into various distinct images for a unique, artistic look. Create an eye-catching backdrop by collecting photographs together in one space. This will help bring your gallery wall ideas to life. There are various options available, including stacked, panoramic, or squared styles. By assessing the environment you’re working with, you can choose an option which suits your individual requirements.



These are perfect for highlighting beautiful landscape scenery. Whether you incorporate a sunset, or the coast of your favorite cityscape, panoramic canvas prints are a stunning focal point for any wall. Get creative when selecting where to place your canvas, understanding they’re perfectly applied to empty walls. Though large empty spaces are ideal, you can also consider applying vertical canvases to small spaces.


Additional Guidance

It’s important to assess additional factors when deciding on the right type of canvas for you. If you plan to hang your canvas in a room that can attract damp (like the bathroom or kitchen), framed prints are perfect for protection against moisture. A gallery-wrapped print is perfect for creating a focal point in your bedroom. If you’re interested in showcasing your kid’s artwork, a collage canvas is suitable. For the living room, you can arrange a stunning art wall with a gallery-style canvas.