Unsuited for office

By Sophia Coleman

As if there weren’t enough reasons to throw Paul Ryan into outer space, he has committed yet another faux pas.

This time he is offending the fashion world and—combined with his proposals to ban abortion and other attacks on women’s rights—it is truly a misstep that speaks volumes about his character. Mr. VP-hopeful is a child wearing a man’s suit, and though he may look young, he certainly isn’t as hip as he may think.

It’s been one fashion blunder after another at every appearance. Not only is his suit too big, but he chooses to wear square-toed shoes that Women’s Wear Daily called “one of the most grievous mistakes a man can make.” Plus, his shirt collars are the size of dinner napkins.

Remember that painfully long walk Ryan took during Gov. Romney’s Aug. 11 rally in Norfolk, Va., on the USS Wisconsin? There he was, strutting in a suit made for a guy three times his size on one of the longest runways I’ve ever seen. I was hoping he’d trip on his pants or catch a gust of wind with his loose jacket and go overboard. That didn’t happen, but there was enough satisfaction in knowing he not only spoke like an idiot but looked like one too. And the pattern has continued—in both dress and speech—with every

public appearance.

Perhaps the only positive result Ryan can expect from wearing sloppy clothes is that he doesn’t look as grossly wealthy as he truly is. It’s possible that this is his feeble attempt to connect with the average American, making a statement that he will not spend copious amounts of money on properly-fitting suits but will instead direct his attention to what really matters, which of course, is blaming President Obama

for everything.

I know it may seem trivial to pick on a politician’s fashion sense, but a person’s style is a reflection of many attributes. Because he looks disheveled, it conveys that he is unorganized and likely to flip-flop on many of his positions—which we’ve had enough of with Romney.

Unfortunately, some of the media is overlooking the poorly picked wardrobe and have declared him one of the most attractive politicians to date.  TMZ, a brainless celebrity gossip website, said Ryan might be “the hottest vice presidential candidate ever.” Even Politico, a publication for Washington insiders, stooped so low as to say “Forget the budget: Paul Ryan is hot!”

Gag me, please. Sure, he might have a toned P90X body (I can’t see it under all that material), be considered conventionally handsome by some (my mom and I think he resembles Eddie Munster) and claim to be a huge fan of the band Rage Against the Machine (after all, he is such a radical liberal), but if the man is swallowed up by his clothes, I am certain the role of vice president will overwhelm him, too.