Elections planned to fill Renegades board vacancies

By Kyle Rich

College life can be unpredictable, and students must often re-evaluate priorities. This has been particularly true for two Renegades board members who are stepping down to handle

other business.

Vice President Ben Manns will be vacating his position when he graduates in December, and Secretary Elise Ramos is leaving for

personal reasons.

“[The vice president] facilitates marketing efforts and basically oversees the Renegades sports teams,” said Renegades President Abby Cress. “[And our secretary] keeps minutes of all executive board and captains’ meetings, records all Renegade events and [do] secretary work like sending out tons of emails and reminders.”

Manns and Ramos notified the club of their intentions Nov. 5, according to Cress. She said anyone interested in filling the positions should send a letter of interest to Mark Brticevich, coordinator of Fitness and Recreation, by Nov. 26. Candidates will meet individually with Brticevich to discuss their goals and why they deserve to be on the board. The remaining board members and Brticevich

will vote Dec. 3, and the results will be announced at a meeting later that day.

Manns said he is currently exploring employment opportunities.

“Right now I’m just looking for jobs and applying everywhere I can, while hopefully using [my experiences with] the Renegades to help find something sports-related,” Manns said. “I’m looking into [companies] such as ESPN, NFL Films, Fox Sports—just anything

like that.”

Ramos, who has been secretary since the beginning of the semester, said she is stepping down to focus on the spring semester, which is when she graduates. She plans to move from a part-time to a full time position with C3 Presents, which helps put on music festivals like Lollapalooza and Austin

City Limits.

“I can’t devote as much time as I want to [right now], but I will be able to be more involved [with C3] once I’m out of school,” Ramos said.

Manns said he wants the new vice president to continually reach out to students who show an interest in sports and competition.

Ramos echoed Manns’ sentiments and said she wants to make sure the Renegades continue to move forward.

“The secretary is kind of like the glue [of the Renegades],” Ramos said. “They keep all of the board members and teams organized.”

Though Manns and Ramos are moving on, both expressed fondness for the Renegades and the experiences it gave them.

“Probably the most fun event [of ours] was the Columbia Olympics in the spring,” Manns said. “Our teams and our board were all there and we got a big turnout. It’s just all been a lot of fun with everybody.”