Breaking News

By Campus Editor

The Marketing Communication Department will be split into three separate degree programs by Fall 2014, according to a Feb. 14 emailed announcement from Robin Bargar, dean of the School of Media Arts.

Marketing will become a concentration in the Arts, Entertainment & Media Management Department, while Advertising and Public Relations will merge with the Journalism Department.

After discussing the measure with the Deans Council, Bargar held a meeting with faculty and staff members of the Marketing Communication Department Feb. 13 and Journalism departments Feb. 14 to relay the news.

Bargar discussed shifting much of the Marketing Communication Department’s majors, minors and resources into the Journalism Department. He said a faculty task force will make curricula decisions.

“The administrative change, already approved by President Kwang-Wu Kim, asks that the Journalism [staff and faculty] begin discussions with the Advertising and Public Relations faculty members about synergies in curricula and other crucial matters as we move forward,” Bargar wrote in a Feb. 13 email.

The search for a new chair of the Marketing Communication Department was suspended, according to the email. Sandra Allen is the acting chair of the department.

“We anticipate the foundation for the structure will be completed over the spring and summer and the transition complete,” Bargar wrote.