Vallera Charges Dropped

By Alexandra Kukulka

The disciplinary actions against Diana Vallera, P-Fac president and adjunct faculty member in the Photography Department, were dropped during a Nov. 15 meeting between the administration and Vallera, according to Nancy Traver, P-Fac spokeswoman and adjunct faculty member in the Journalism Department.

As reported by The Chronicle Sept. 4, Vallera was to be disciplined by Columbia for claiming that the Office of the General Counsel had her under surveillance in January. The National Labor Relations Board dismissed Vallera’s surveillance allegations on June 29, stating the case was “lacking sufficient evidence.”

“At the request of the Illinois Education Association in order to facilitate the bargaining process, the college decided not to pursue the charges against Diana Vallera,” said the college in an email.

During the meeting, the parties agreed to meet for bargaining sessions Nov. 30 and Dec. 7, according to Traver.

In addition to Vallera, those at the meeting included President Warrick L. Carter; senior vice president Warren Chapman; Cinda Klickna, IEA president; and Audrey Soglin, IEA executive director.

The college is also considering hiring a federal mediator for contract bargaining, which P-Fac hasn’t had in more than a year, Traver said.

“[P-Fac] had a federal mediator who helped with contract talks, but he was let go in 2011,” Traver said.

However, according to interim associate provost Len Strazewski, the mediator left voluntarily.

According to Traver, Vallera said  the college will continue bargaining. P-Fac is still working under its old contract, which expired more than a year ago.

At a Nov. 27 hearing, P-Fac and the administration will continue to dispute P-Fac allegations that the college has not bargained in good faith.