Garcia not done yet, runoff brings six more weeks of campaigning

By Metro Reporter

The work is not over for Jesus “Chuy” Garcia supporters who danced the night away to blaring basses and saxophones.

With 34 percent of the vote Garcia, a Cook County Commissioner, forced Mayor Rahm Emanuel into a runoff that will take place on April 7.

For Garcia supporters at the Albambra Palace Resturant, the news comes as no surprise. Foreseeing the runoff, supporters wore buttons urging voters to turn out on April 7. Supporters came out in droves to the Arabian-style restaurant at 1240 W. Randolph St.

“He is ready now,” said Dan Ventura, a retiree and resident of Oak Park, who has known Garcia for 30 years through an organization called Latino Youth.

“Being an alderman for several years and then state senator, he certainly knows the political landscape now. He’s ready,” Ventura said.

William McNay, co-director of Citizen/Action Illinois, could not contain himself as he took the stage to speak on behalf of Garcia.

“We need a mayor that will work for all of us and we will have that mayor in Jesus ‘Chuy’ Garcia,” McNay said.

Fatimah Ayyeh, marketing coordinator for an infrastructure-engineering firm and a West Loop resident, said she has high hopes for the change Garcia could bring to Chicago.

“I haven’t been impressed with Rahm’s leadership skills in Chicago,” Ayyeh said. “The crime rate, the education system, those are all major things that we all as residents of Chicago look for. So I am hoping Chuy will do a better job.”