In response to: ‘When administrators, News Office think you’re the enemy’

By Letter to the Editor, by A. Holm

College administrators are making a huge mistake. It’s all about nurturing relationships with the media, not pushing them away. This creates suspicion and an adversarial relationship, not one of mutual benefit.

As someone with a background in journalism, who is now working in local government communications, it only makes the college look bad if they only offer “no comments” or written cookie-cutter statements. It should be, “I will research that for you, find the best person to speak on that issue and will call you back before the end of the day.”

The president and his administrative staff needs to make themselves available. I am a Columbia parent and extremely interested in the state of Columbia. Honestly, the lack of communication from the administration to its key audience—students and parents—is alarming. My daughter is a freshman, and, with the way things are going, it makes me wonder if the college will even be around and how it will support her in her remaining years. Columbia administrators—wake up. You need to work with the media, not against them. Your key supporters are watching and waiting to hear from you. Use the media. They can be your friend if you let them.

A. Holm  

Parent of a Columbia student