Black history call for action

By Letter to the Editor, by William Booker

Black History Month is a time to remember and honor all those who gave their lives and made grave sacrifices to change things for the betterment of all Americans. I am proud of my black heritage. I’m proud that this country has had its first black president. I’m equally proud that there are black judges, senators, governors and mayors who continue to fight every day for racial justice and equality in this country for all minorities.

As African-Americans, we represent all those who died before us because of the color of their skin, and because of the hatred that many white Americans felt toward blacks. America has given African-Americans great cause to reflect on a tumultuous past, and while you can’t read about all of the horrible things that occurred to our ancestors in American history books, many African-Americans still suffer from these atrocities.

This is why it is important that we not only remember black history and all that we have fought for as a people, but continue to stand together, united and undeterred as all those who came before us did. Though the accomplishments of our civil rights leaders are great, the fight for equality and against injustice remains a fight that we must continue to overcome.

We must not let the deaths of our ancestors go in vain. Our communities are suffering and are in great despair, and the future for many black youths are questionable. Therefore, let us [make] a pledge to go back in our communities and work together to create real change. Let us give our youth new hope, a reason to live and the tools and resources they so desperately need to be awesomely successful.

William Booker, Columbia College Journalism Alumnus