How much does it cost to be a Columbia student?

By Molly Walsh, Managing Editor

Patrick Casey
How much does it cost to be a Columbia student?

Between tuition, food, commuting, rent and supplies, how much is on  the price tag for four years at Columbia?

The Chronicle spoke with 14 random students to cultivate an estimated total cost of being a full-time student for four years. Specifically, students were asked to estimate how much they spend weekly on rent;  groceries, restaurants and snacks; commuting, gas and/or parking; supplies such as textbooks, printing and other necessities for class.

After calculating the estimated averages for Columbia’s 15-week semester, a student spending eight semesters at Columbia would allegedly spend roughly $121,774.32.

From estimated data from students, the average amount of money students spend on tuition, not counting loans, ends up being $10,271.43 per semester.

Actually, full-time tuition after the recent 2 percent increase will be $26,610 per year beginning in Fall 2019, as reported Dec. 4 by The Chronicle.

Based on these student estimates, spending eight semesters at Columbia is worth as much as 21,178 Devil Dawgs milkshakes, or enough to have a milkshake every day for 58 years.