Pink lady problem

By Sophia Coleman

First lady Michelle Obama and mama Mormon Ann Romney committed a fashion faux pas of presidential proportions when they both wore Pepto pink on the night of the Oct. 16 debate.

While it’s not much of a surprise considering it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the similarly– hued outfits drew a lot of attention and had designers and the public asking: Who wore it better?

Michelle donned a sheath dress and blazer by Michael Kors, and Ann wore a short tweed Oscar De La Renta dress with a flowery shawl that resembled my grandma’s rug. She also wore a double strand of green Lucite beads, creating a busy, confused look. The vibrant pink color the ladies wore could stand on its own. Michelle chose to accessorize with a strand of pearls and black patent leather pumps, a retro look very reminiscent of Jackie O. It was classic and highlighted her strong silhouette. She looked like a woman who could help run the country.

I commend Ann for experimenting with fashion, but there is a difference between taking risks and throwing together an outfit with hopes that it works. You see, there are more than just political differences between Michelle and Ann. One is conscious of her fashion choices, while the other is simply lost in a pile of mismatched designer duds and Stepford wife garments.

Ann hasn’t always been a fashion failure. She’s had a few good moments, one being the red, full-skirted De La Renta dress she wore at the Republican National Convention. She also tries to downplay her wealth, which is cute. But I guess I just can’t get past that gosh darn Suzy Homemaker mouth of hers.  Motherhood is her career, Mitt makes her laugh —We have something in common!—and her favorite dressage horse, Rafalca, gets a $77,000

tax credit.

All right, I’ll just admit it.  It’s not Ann’s garish fashion choices that makes me sick. It’s her policies, her husband’s lack of emotion and her own inability to connect with real middle-class women.

Photos of Ann’s outfits serve a purpose, though. They look mighty nice in my binders full of unfashionable women.