In Guillen’s own words

By Jazzy Davenport

March is here, which means the warm and sunny days of springtime are near. But the coming of March is the sign of something greater, and not just March Madness—it is the start of spring training.

Both the Cubs and White Sox reported to Arizona to start spring training. The Cubs reported to Mesa and the Sox to Glendale. There have been many changes to both clubs, including Frank Thomas’ retirement from the Sox and the Cubs’ new owners, Tom Ricketts and his family.

However, there is someone who has overshadowed spring training thus far, and his name is Ozzie Guillen.

The MLB Network recently announced that the Sox front office will be featured in a reality series called “The Club.” Sure, Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf and General Manager Kenny Williams will  appear in the series, but let’s face it, viewers will only be watching for one man. Guillen, famous for his thick Venezuelan accent and his potty mouth, will undoubtedly be the star of the show.

If you thought Guillen, who is never afraid to speak his mind, will be filtered in the show—guess again.

“Oh no,” Guillen said to the press on Feb. 21. “That’s me. I’m going to be myself. You might [hear] a lot of beep. One thing about it, I’m not going to change. I’m going to talk as if no one is around me.”

“The Club” is intended to give viewers an exclusive look into the lives of the Sox’s front office both on and off the field. Because of this, I’m sure viewers are guaranteed an insane amount of bleeps from the always entertaining Guillen. Sure, it’s not the typical, juicy reality show most are used to, like say, “Jersey Shore.” But watching anything that features Guillen will hardly be a bore.

Speaking of entertainment, the White Sox manager has recently become even more accessible, which, of course, has caused controversy. Guillen recently joined Twitter, and many are already in a fuss, including the Sox front office. But true to fashion, Guillen doesn’t care, which he proved when he quickly reminded us all that he is a “human being” and indeed a “grown man.”

“If this thing bothers the White Sox or Kenny or Jerry [Reinsdorf], then we’ll talk about it,” Guillen told reporters. “I talked to Kenny about it. I said what it was. He can see what I say. If that thing offends anyone, beat it because I didn’t do anything wrong.”

So to all who have a problem—beat it. Twitter was invented for people especially like him.