In response to non union staff merit raises, union negotiations

By Letter to the Editor, by Jennie Fauls

US of CC had no right to block staff’s opportunity to earn merit pay. The majority of their forced constituency does not support opposition to the concept of merit. US of CC has virtually no leverage in their aggressive ideological bargaining and very little support as a representative body. Their long term plan is obstruction and political grandstanding. They try again and again, unsuccessfully, to drum up interest in their unproductive activism while the everyday staff like me lose new opportunities for compensation. Please release us, US of CC, to be judged on our merits, like the 208 staff members eligible for raises. We do not support your do-nothing, agree-to-nothing agenda. Let me say ‘yes’ to merit, even if you prefer not to be judged on your skill and effort.

Jennie Fauls

Assistant Director, Program in Writing and Rhetoric