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College adds The Flats to on-campus housing options

K’Von Jackson
A person walks into the East West University on-campus Flats building, located at 829 S. Wabash Ave., on Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2023.

Columbia has added a new housing option for students living on campus during the 2023-2024 academic year.

Ninety-six Columbia students are living on four floors at The Flats this fall. The Flats, located at 829 S. Wabash Ave., is a 17-story residential building owned by East-West University. It was brought back this year due to increased demand for on-campus housing.

The Flats offers apartment-style units like other Columbia buildings. Apartments assigned to Columbia students house one, four or six people depending on the layout.

The Flats has 24-hour security and several other amenities available to students, including a fitness center, a computer center and free laundry on every other residential floor. Columbia students living at The Flats can use the amenities and resources available to the building’s other residents.

Daniel Rovinsky is a first-year music major who moved into a two-bedroom, four-person apartment in The Flats last week.

“I was going to be in University Center, but then I switched to be here,” Rovinsky said. “It was pretty last-minute. It was like some special option.”

During the summer, some students like Rovinsky were contacted with the option to change their initial housing assignment to one in The Flats. After taking on spaces at The Flats, Housing and Residential Experience offered certain students this option to better accommodate the preferences included in their housing applications.

“Students were able to indicate if they were interested in a spot at The Flats after reviewing costs and room types. No student was required to move to The Flats after already having another assignment on campus, it was offered as an alternative option,” Michelle Hunter-Lancaster, director of housing and residential experience, told the Chronicle in an email.

“The apartment itself is pretty nice,” Rovinsky said. “Like it’s a decent size and there’s a pretty nice view. I’m pretty happy with the amenities.”

Ian Hinkle is a first-year theatre major living in a two-bedroom, four-person apartment in the Flats. Hinkle was disappointed at first to be assigned to The Flats because he would have preferred to live in a building that had more activities involving other Columbia students.

“I would have liked to be in one of Columbia’s own dorms because they have all the big events in places like 30 East or the University Center but it is what it is. I don’t really have a big problem with it anymore,” Hinkle said.

Despite his initial reservations, Hinkle is happy with his apartment. “I think it’s quite spacious. I think it’s quite comfortable for me. I have a good view of downtown.”

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