Chicago’s multicultural markets offer a feeling of home for international students

By Jacqueline Luttrell, Photojournalist

College students may experience the occasional spout of homesickness and food can often be one form of comfort. As a multicultural city, Chicago is home to various markets, restaurants and neighborhoods that reflect many cultures across the world. We’ve compiled four stops where students can find a piece of home, or that can serve as an gateway to a culture they want to learn more about:

1. Chinatown

Jacqueline Luttrell
Park to Shop Supermarket, 2425 S. Wallace St., is a traditional Asian grocery store.

Just one Red Line stop south of Roosevelt lies MayFlower Food, 2104-08 S. Archer Ave., and just down the street sits Park To Shop Supermarket, 2425 S. Wallace St. Both spots offer a variety of live seafood, vegetables, fruits and Chinese candies.

2. Pilsen

Jacqueline Luttrell
La Casa Del Pueblo’s peppers and other vibrant fruits and vegetables will brighten your spirits, 1810 S. Blue Island Ave.

Known as a predominately Latino neighborhood since the 1960s, a ride on the Pink Line will land you in Pilsen just steps away from La Casa Del Pueblo, 1810 S. Blue Island Ave. The produce section features an enticing array of colorful, neatly stacked fruits and vegetables. There is also an old-school meat counter with a variety of pre-cut, pre-seasoned, ready-to-cook meats.

3. Little Italy

Jacqueline Luttrell

A visit to Little Italy most likely means a stroll down Taylor Street. With the Italian flag proudly displayed in the center of this Italian American community, a trip on the Blue Line will get you within steps of the best Italian restaurants and bars in town. Since 1948, Conte Di Savoia, 1438 W. Taylor St., has been serving pasta, salads, sandwiches and hard-to-find imported items.

4. Greektown

Jacqueline Luttrell
Artopolis Bakery, Cafe & Agora, 306 S. Halsted St., will welcome you with the smells and taste of traditional Greek fare.

Santorini blue colored planters line the streets of Greektown, welcoming visitors with an authentic flare. For even more immersion into the culture, Artopolis Bakery, Cafe & Agora, 306 S. Halsted St., is the place to be. The Blue Line is a short ride to this slice of heaven. Greeted by the dessert case, the bakery also serves as a cafe and grocery store, with a loft style setting and old world charm.