Chicago Donut Fest at Old Crow Smokehouse

By Patrick Reponse, Staff Photographer

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  • “I love a good donut after a good workout! This fest is a love affair,” said Chicago Donut Fest participant Jamaine Collins. The Donut Fest took place April 6 at Old Crow Smokehouse River North, 149 W. Kinzie St.

  • “I’ve always had a passion for old fashioned; before I had it, I closed my eyes and imagined it,” said Jon Becker (right), who served donuts for Stan’s Donuts with Kyle Nauert.

  • Andrea Tharaldson (far left) celebrated her upcoming wedding at Donut Fest April 6.

  • Sumer Samano selects a donut from the wide variety offered during the April 6 Donut Fest.

  • “[I] donut think I can think of a good donut joke. I donut believe I’m here at Donut Fest right now!” said Sumer Samano, who attended Donut Fest with her friend Jessica Arl.

  • “I love donuts and could eat them everyday! They’re my go-to dessert,” said Donut Fest participant Audrey Westfall. “I bought this dress for the fest because I didn’t own any donut clothing and thought I needed to own some, especially being a donut lover.”

  • Donut Fest participants spent their day looking for more donuts to taste.

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