Spicy Chili


Spicy Chili

By Multimedia Editor

There is no heartier meal for hungry, busy college students than a hot bowl of homemade chili, filled to the brim with browned ground beef, chili beans and tomatoes. This dish is the ideal meal to fill up and warm up anyone on a chilly fall night.  

I have happy memories of coming home from a long day at school and work to a steamy bowl of my roommate’s chili. By the time I make it through the door, I am sure the whole building can hear my stomach growl, which makes this dish a perfect remedy. 

The chili also has quite a kick, which is helpful on those late–night study sessions when I need a little pick-me-up. 

This recipe makes approximately six portions, so there will be plenty left over, meaning you do not have to stress about making dinner the next night. 

To make sure the chili will be delicious, be sure to blast some tunes while you make it. This way, it will be fun and that will definitely translate to the taste. 

After picking a playlist, get that ground beef in the pan. Allow it to brown, which should only take a couple minutes. Drain all the grease so it does not end up in the chili. 

Make sure to put the grease into a container and then into the trash can because grease (when it dries up in the sink) can clog the drain.  Once the grease has drained, it is time to add the can of tomato soup. While adding these ingredients, keep stirring the mixture to make sure everything is mixed together. After the tomato soup, mix in the can of chili beans. 

Once all these ingredients are cooking in the pan, dice up the red onion. As soon as the onion has been cut up, throw it in the pan with the diced tomatoes. Now that the tomatoes have been added into the pan,  keep it on the stove so it is warm for serving. 

Of course, the chili is just the beginning, despite its deliciousness.  You can personalize it further with the sour cream and shredded cheese of your choice, which contrasts with the sharp spice of the chili, Once the bowl is dressed, dig in—it has been long enough.