World buzzing over Tiger … again

By Jazzy Davenport

Just when we thought Tiger-mania had subsided, the 34-year-old pro golfer announced

his comeback.

After taking an indefinite leave in November, Woods announced he will compete at The Masters Golf Tournament, which begins April 8.

Media outlets are counting down the days, hotels in Augusta, Ga., where the tournament is held, have sold out, and those who have never before been fans of the sport are saving the date. Many will tune in to see if Woods redeems himself after the frenzy over his “personal failings.” Sadly, an equal amount of attention will be placed on Woods’ wife, Elin. Many will tune in to see if she attends the tournament, only to later judge her.

Regardless of the reason you tune in on April 8, the fact is you will. Many are comparing the number of projected viewers to be as big as that for the inauguration of President Barack Obama. Ridiculous, though a very accurate commentary on the world we live in. As many people who watched Obama make history will tune in to Woods’ comeback at the Masters, a tournament in which he has won four times before—not at all history-making.

However, this is not just Woods’ comeback; it is a comeback for the entire sport. Let’s face it, when Woods isn’t competing, no one really cares about golf. The golf season started months ago, and you’ve barely heard a peep about it. I guess the “powers that be” in the golf industry are so excited that they have decided to make the tournament available in 3-D. It will be the first time a live sporting event will broadcast in three-dimensional technology, making it more than just a golf tournament.

However, the only thing special about the tournament itself is the enormous amount of pressure Woods has put on himself. It will be the first time he plays competitively since last year’s scandal, and making the Masters your first competition is huge pressure. Not to mention facing the media frenzy that will inevitably occur.

But I believe Woods is a smart golfer and he is an even more serious competitor. He will not set himself up to fail and he knows the immense pressure he is under. As soon as he announced he would compete, he was immediately favored to win the tournament. Next week, he will show just how brilliant he really is.

But no matter how well he does next week, I will be cheering him on, ecstatic to finally see him back on the green where he belongs. It will be the great comeback story that, as Americans, we all love.