‘The Magnificent Seven’ season ends as Volunteers move on to Sweet 16

By Nader Ihmoud

Doug Bruno, DePaul University Blue Demons’ head coach, refused to call the game against the Tennessee University Lady Volunteers a war, but he described the loss as a “back alley fight.”

The Demons ended their 11-game winning streak at the Allstate Arena, 6920 Manheim Road, and their season came to an end before the team could earn a trip back to the Sweet Sixteen. Guard Anna Martin lead all scorers with 20 points, but early foul trouble led to her only playing 27 minutes. Martin picked up her fourth foul with more than 13 minutes remaining in the game and eventually fouled out in the 63-48 losing effort.

“Naturally, I’m a physical player, so when that happens I always have to take a step back,” she said. “This one was just hard I wanted to be aggressive. I wanted to be physical, but I couldn’t do it as much getting in foul trouble so early.”

The Volunteers’ size advantage was evident and was brought to fruition in the second half when they out-rebounded the Demons 23-10. Despite Tennessee being the team known as the aggressor of the two, the Demons began the game attacking, causing 11 turnovers and holding the Volunteers to 35 percent shooting in the first half.

“DePaul was a scrappy team,” said Volunteers’ senior forward Glory Johnson. “Don’t let anyone under estimate them just because of their size.”

As the game progressed, so did the physical play on the court. Demons’ forward Katherine Harry said her team tried to match the Volunteers’ play on the boards, but trying was not good enough.

“Bodies were flying, arms were flailing, lots of fouls were called down there, but you just gotta take what comes. It’s a part of the game you can’t be crying about it,” Harry said.

Although Harry was referring to the whining and complaining on the court, she and Martin had trouble holding back tears at the press conference.

“We were playing to get to the Sweet Sixteen so we had a lot on the line,” Martin said.

Bruno was also disappointed in the loss, but thought the team he proclaims as the “Magnificent Seven” left it all on the court and did everything they possible could to have a different outcome.

“There’s no reason to be crying at the end of an athletic event, because you’ve done everything in your power to put yourself in the position to be victorious in that athletic event, that’s why there’s no crying,” Bruno said.